Why should students opt for agencies to help them with their SOPs and LORs


If you aim to study abroad, you must know the requirements for a Statement of Purpose and Letter of Recommendation. Admission to a prestigious college or university requires you to do two things apart from maintaining good grades! Pen down a remarkable SOP and submit a proper LOR. Based on these two, the selection procedures are initiated. A student’s Statement of Purpose describes their credentials and wishes to be admitted to an esteemed university. On the other hand, LOR is written by a professor or lecturer to certify the qualities of the student. However, candidates usually refer or seek professional help to write these two! Have you ever wondered why? Let’s find out. 

What are the common mistakes that you can make while writing an SOP/ LOR on your own 

Before we comprehend the need to seek help from an expert, let’s learn about the common blunders that can occur when you write your own SOP or LOR.

  1. Not having enough time to write one- We must admit that admission procedures are tedious, and you may not find sufficient time or proper head space to present your authentic self in an SOP. With so many arrangements lined up and procedures to be completed, you must pay attention to something as important as an SOP.

  2. Not being able to express well- SOP and LOR depend on expression and fluency! They will fail to attract the board’s attention if they do not look professional and authentic simultaneously. With so many SOPs and LORs being submitted daily, every college seeks something unique.

  3. Not having enough knowledge about informal languages – As an amateur, you may need the writing style or the language pattern that must be used to design an SOP. These are treated as official documents, and you should never indulge in informal languages, a common mistake that occurs in SOPs, leading to their rejection.

  4. Being too unrealistic and long- Sometimes, it is observed that the SOP becomes too long and monotonous as a student writes one! Or it may be extremely stylish, hardly complying with the authenticity of words. Such things will lead to rejection of the SOP and curb the chance of admission to the college. 

What is the need for you to seek assistance from a professional team to write LOR and SOP? 

As we already observed, a few errors may appear when a LOR or SOP is written by someone unprofessional, like a student, doing it for the first time. 

  1. Keep it crisp and professional- A LOR or SOP is a professional document that should be simple and clear. A formal and professional tone should be maintained when discussing an LOR. Hiring experts to do the job will ensure higher standards of composition and formal tones. 
  2. Editing and revising- Errors are easily spotted when it comes to professionals helping you in the process! Thorough editing and revision are done several times before the LOR or the SOP is handed over to the clients. It is a highly professional and dutiful job done efficiently and skillfully. 
  3. The work is done within the proper time frame- The companies’ experts and the professional writers and editors are well-equipped and trained to function under work pressure and deadlines. Delivery within time is initiated while also ensuring standard quality of work. 
  4. Correction and plagiarism-free- Plagiarism is a matter of concern if you wish to stand out. Anyone can copy an article from the internet and paste it as their LOR or SOP, but that won’t ever be accepted in an esteemed university or college. It is your authentic expression that convinces the admission board to consider your application and grant it. 

The reasons you should seek a professional to write the LOR or SOP for your application are endless. However, it is safe to say that this is an indispensable and vital decision.