How to Handle LORs for Multiple Programs

On the verge of starting this brand new journey abroad, a LOR plays a pivotal role in determining whether you could pursue the course of higher education in your dream college. 

However, indeed, you are not applying for a single college! Different universities will offer various courses and matters of interest for a pupil. A LOR for a particular course will be unique and not repetitive for every application you aim for. With so many different LORs, how do you aim to write an engaging one? Let’s find out. 

  1. Identify the unique purpose for every LOR- Before you begin to create an LOR, it is extremely critical to understand the purpose of the letter. After all, this recommendation can be of great value when coming from a person of significance. Writing one blankly can impact your chances abroad. The pupil should share relevant information about previous academic achievements and overall growth throughout the year, followed by a unique purpose to opt for that particular course.

  2. Selection of the format- No matter how many LORs you are assigned to pen down, the format should be strictly followed. Adhere to the structure, protocol and style of writing that forms the framework of LOR. It may seem tedious with multiple LORs in hand. Still, with patience and understanding, every LOR can be given equal attention. Your courses may differ based on each college, but the structures of LOR remain the same.

  3. Stick to the tone- With formal essays like LOR, the letter’s tone is vital! With a positive and professional vibe, your acceptance into the university becomes easier. With multiple LORs in hand, it can be a challenging situation to maintain the tone and stick to a professional attitude in every letter. However, do not let the burden of application lead you to come up with a flimsy and casual job. Begin ahead of time so you are never pressured right before the submission deadline.

  4. Make sure to edit- Every LOR will be unique with its requirements, pitch and words of recommendation describing how the student is fit for that particular course. Each letter can decide your fate in your dream colleges, so be patient and careful with your work. Proofreading and multiple rounds of editing should be done to the letters so that everything is clear of the information and credentials, checking the tone, style, etc. It is a common scenario where the credentials can get exchanged with multiple letters in hand when one is not careful. Such letters, if sent off, will be rejected in a second. Meticulous editing is vital to ensure data’s precision and accuracy and an impressive professional tone.

  5. Create new letters for different colleges- You may be compelled to write a letter of recommendation and then only change the address, course and basic information to send that LOR to every college. However, do not go by that instinct and reduce your scope of admission. Customization of every letter is vital. If one of your letters has turned out to be phenomenal, you can keep the template the same but twist the words and change the tone to make every letter sound unique.

  6. Have a list of qualities in hand- Why you wish to opt for a particular course may not align with the other. While you need a particular attribute to fit in for one, the needs for the other may vary. Hence, while writing an LOR, you need to focus on selecting the characteristics of quality differently based on the criteria of the subject offered by the institute.

  7. Select a few qualities and quantify them- They are unique to every subject of interest, and every quality of the pupil may not be relevant! Stick to attributes that are useful and relatable to the subject of interest. Too many features can divert your attention from specialization in one direction to attain excellence in a particular course under consideration.  

Having said that, you will find it easier to write an LOR than before.