What are the tools used in Content Marketing?

Before we take you through a list of tools that are a must to have, let’s discuss what content marketing is. It is a sort of marketing that entails the creation and distribution of online content with the goal of generating interest in items or services. So why don’t you use it to your benefit in this digital age?  Here are four content marketing tools you need to start using to make content marketing easier for you and to ramp up your business!!


Are you new to running your business and want a hassle-free tool to organize your notes? We have the perfect one for you! A very important tip for content marketing is to share your information in a place you can always access because ideas can strike anywhere and anytime. Evernote works on all devices and is a terrific spot to keep track of everything.  If you save something to Evernote, you can access it from your desktop computer to your smartphone at any time and hence using Evernote, notes can be taken, organized, and shared whenever you need.


A very important aspect of content marketing is knowing about your online presence and constantly working toward making it better. You can’t just produce content and hope it will be seen by your target audience. For that, you need to explore and engage with social media influencers who can help you promote your content and give it a voice to reach and make an impact on a larger audience that consumes similar forms of content. Here is where Kred comes to your rescue. The programme analyses social media activity to determine which kind of content creators you should reach out to, to get the most impact on your business. Moreover, unlike other influencer programs, this one allows you to develop your own influencer status, and enhances your social media presence, and boosts your content marketing.


The most basic is also the most helpful. You need this content marketing tool in your life. It won’t just boost your content quality, but will also make your work and your life way easier. When you share your latest blog post, you need to make sure it includes some high-quality photographs so that it will catch the eye of the audience. But you don’t need high-fi tools for that, you can just make Canva your savior! Canva has pre-built designs and layouts that are optimized for the different social media platforms, so you can create something your readers will enjoy without breaking a sweat!


In terms of content marketing, email marketing has always had a lead. Everyone reads their email at least once a day, which is reason enough for an email to be a part of your online marketing strategy, and MailChimp is the ideal answer for this. Build an email list of subscribers who are actually engaged with your material with this (largely) free content marketing tool, and access your dashboard from both mobile and desktop, and enjoy that flexibility!

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