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How to strategize your business content?

According to the latest research of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 63% of the total companies do not strategize their content. Either they don’t realize the importance of it or they lack a proper agency for fulfilling their content needs. If you properly follow the below points, your company could skyrocket its current presence in the digital area. 

Set a goal

Setting a goal for just your content outreach is not enough. You need to set up performance metrics that involve SEO keywords, revenue, site traffic, reviews, and so on. Through this, after a period of time, you can keep a constant check on your performance improvement. 

Segmentation of your target audience

One content does not fit your entire audience. Hence it is very important to segment your content so there is something for everyone on your site. For instance, if you have a gadget website, your content should be curated in such a way it should suit the high-tech geeks and the tech paralyzed

Planning content calendar – Stick to your content calendar!

Most people find it unnecessary to make a plan just for content. But it is very important for your content to be regularly updated. Constant engagement of the audience is very important when it comes to content. As the competition is very high, you must regularly update your website, blog, social media and so on. If you by chance fall behind on your schedule there are high chances of your SEO ranking may drop.  

Creation of content

. The main part of your entire strategy without which everything till now is utterly useless! There are a number of ways you can go about this art. It depends on which type of content you want to focus on. Do you want your blog to be a collection of ‘how to’ content? Or maybe daily hacks and tips? It is recommended that you utilize a blend of all these types to achieve maximum engagement for your content. This is why Neo Narratives curates a wide variety of customized content in accordance with your business needs.


There is no use in creating engaging content if it doesn’t reach your target audience! Hence distributing and sharing the content curated would be of utmost importance. This stage should focus on maximum content outreach through various social media platforms and email marketing. 

Analyse the reach

 Has your strategized content benefitted your business outreach? If yes, by how much? It is absolutely necessary to check and analyze your results. Even if by following the above techniques and hacks your website doesn’t reach its goals then an analysis will allow you to figure out what the problem is. 

So get started on penning your content plan. In a month or two you will surely get improved results. 

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